Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Monday, Feburary 14th, 2011

Oí Família!

The optimistic bug is still trying to bite me in this work haha which is a good thing. This week, Elder Fernandes and I worked super hard to try to find new people to teach and baptize this month. We really worked like dogs to find these people and we finally did. We taught them all and got them really excited to go to Church, but when we got around to Saturday to remind everyone of Church the next morning, everyone decided to find an excuse for not going. I got really discouraged because we really worked hard to find these people and just like that they were gone. We kept going on Saturday and the Lord opened a few more doors for us. We visited a few friends of one of our recent converts and two of them said that we could take them to Church. I was already starting to get more excited. Then we visited another less-active family and found an entire non-member family that said they´d all go to Church. I finished Saturday night on a high note and was very thrilled with the help the Lord had given us in finding new people to teach and bring to Church. The next part isn´t so great however. Sunday morning rolled around and we went to pick everyone up, and everyone decided not to go at the last minute. Some slept in too much because they were out too late, others forgot that they had another appointment. I, once again, got discouraged and a little embarrassed at Church. I was there telling all of these members that there would be a new family at Church and I was so excited. But we ended up having no one there at all. It was a humble pill to swallow, but I know that everything is in the Lord´s hands and I will just keep on keeping on!

Today was pretty great. Our mission president doesn´t like group P-day activities, so when we get to have one, it means that we did really well. Our zone baptized the most people last month with 36, so today we had a barbaque and played soccer! I am still horrible at soccer, but it was fun still. I am practically the only American here, so the culture difference has definitely been something cool to experience. I love my zone and district because there are a lot of great missionaries and friends that I have made. I am so happy to be a part of this great missionary program, not just to serve the Lord and His children, but I making a lot of great friends from this great country.

Well, I am really short on time today, but I wanted to send my best wishes to Grandpa Stevens. I will be praying for him for sure and I know that Heavenly Father is taking care of him better than I could even if I were still at home. I know that this plan of happiness that He has for us is real, and I am so happy that I have a grandpa that understands his purpose for being on this earth, too. Get well really soon Grandpa! I love you and practice everything you´ve taught me out here. I won´t quit trying if you don´t :). I love you all! Happy Valentines Day!

Elder Clark

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