Monday, May 9, 2011

Monday, May 9th 2011

Oí Família!

Well, I am just about out of words to put into this e-mail. It was such a great experience to hear everyone´s voices again. I really can´t believe how quickly the time is flying by. The mission is such a great place to be. They say that you gain 50 years of experience in these two short years of work and I am a firm believer in that. I am amazed at the things that I learn every single day. I see all of my personality flaws and the things in my life that aren´t in harmony with what the Gospel teaches every single day, and I am able to work on these little (or big) imperfections so that I can be a better follower of Christ. The mission has been the best time of my life, but not because it has always been super fun. It´s the best two years because it´s like a refinery. I left my house and family as one person who knew very very little about the Gospel, and during these two years I am being changed and molded by the Lord so that when I come back I am still the good ol´ Steve, but the Steve that knows his purpose a lot better. I hope that I am able to share with all who read these emails a little of my changing process in hopes of maybe helping someone who is needing of a pick-me-up in the week or even a boost in testimony, but I hope that the Holy Spirit can testify to you all the things that I say.

This week we have transfers again! I think that Elder Rederson will be leaving the area this time. He is a great missionary and will probably be called to be another district leader. I am hoping that I get to train this next transfer. I have always wanted to train a missionary! Ever since I was a greenie I have wanted to be a trainer. I think it´s because I would know how to help the new missionary out with the difficulties of learning the language and getting used to the missionary life. I think the major reason that I want to train is because of the movie "The Best Two Years!" I think it´d be a blast to have an experience like that. Plus, all of the missionaries who have already trained have told me that training is such a great spiritual experience. I guess we´ll see what happens, right?

My funny story of the week was pretty good this time. We were walking down the street two days ago and the sun was extremely hot! It was so hot that my brain really wasn´t functioning correctly, nor thinking straight. We came up to the road that we were supposed to climb, like a 90 degree slope :( !!! This road was a one-way road and only let cars go down it and not up and we were wanting to go up, but we aren´t cars so the one-way sign doesn´t apply to us, right? So we get to walking and my companion thought he´d be funny and mess with my mind a bit and said, "Oops! We can´t take this road." And I said, "Why not?" and he replied, "Look at the sign. It´s a one-way street." And I turned around and started going back to look for another road! My companion just about died laughing on the sidewalk and he retold the story to everyone that we talked to that day.

Oh!!! I did a companion exchange the other day with an elder from Logan! His name is Elder Britten Schenk, really good guy. We´ll be going back to Utah State together! Well anyways, we went to a member´s house in his area and she started talking in straight English! She lived in Canada and speaks perfect English. She also brought a bunch of maple syrup and pancake recipes with her, so she made homemade pancakes for us!!! It was the most delicious thing that I have ever tasted! So, if you guys want to make an Elder happy, you could buy some pancake mix and maple syrup and peanut butter and send them with my white shirts if you want :).

Thanks you all for all that you do for me. I am fantastically happy out here and I am loving all the struggles and hardships that I have because I know that my family is always there behind me! Love you all! Have a great week!

Elder Clark

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