Monday, November 21, 2011

Monday, November 21 2011

Oi Família!

This week was rather full of events and then at the same time very still. I did an exchange with another Elder this week who had begged us to come help him figure out what to do in his area. He was opening an area in a ward that hadn´t had missionaries for about seven months now, and he was getting pretty nervous. I went there and the exchange was awesome! We were able to find out a few great things that he could do to help his area. I really love being able to help these missionaries out. Sometimes I think that I am still extremely unqualified to give advice because I don´t see myself as anyone full wisdom... very far from that! haha I see how our exchanges always leave the missionaries more excited and happy, so I know that the Spirit really does work with us. When you have two Elders who really want to make a difference in an area and are willing to be obedient, the Lord is obligated to bless us. I told this Elder that that blessing wouldn´t all come at once; he´d have to work a bit, but they would be blessed by their obedience. I truly love the experiences I have doing this job.

This week was rather bittersweet for me. I learned a very good lesson about obedience through things that happened this week. With my calling, my companion and I handle almost everything that happens in the mission. I am so very grateful for the mission rules. I see how they really do protect us here on the mission. When we look at all the commandments of God, they really are here to PROTECT us! Sometimes, we look at commandments as RESTRICTIONS that God has given us to make our life hard and difficult. We think that we cannot have fun AND keep the commandments at the same time, but in all reality, God only gives us these commandments because only He sees the horrific consequences that will come if we decide not to be obedient. It´s just how our parents work. They tell us to not do something because they already know what will be the consequence for that action, but we question them still and think that we know what is better. In the end, we are hurt... sad... repentant... alone... and we only wish that we could go back in time and take that thing back. Heavenly Father gives us commandments because He doesn´t want to see any of His children sad OR hurt! I know that if I smoke, I will have bad health and I will die early. I know that if I don´t keep the law of chastity, I will hurt my family. The problem is that we don´t see the consequences from not keeping the small commandments like going to Church or paying tithing or reading scriptures or praying everyday. I know that the Lord sent me on a mission to learn these things. I know that while I am here, I need to realize how Heavenly Father is opening my eyes to how obedience to even the smallest rules will save me from a world of pain and misery. I´d rather make the little sacrifice right now to obey the small things, than disobey the small things and sacrifice my happiness in the future. Just how Alma taught us, "Wickedness never was hapiness."

I hope you all have a great week and I hope that we can all think about how our Heavenly Father loves us SO much and how much it hurts Him to see us suffer. Let´s all together make the best choices so that we can all prepare to live with Him once more after this life. I love you all! Thanks for everything!

Elder Clark

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