Monday, November 15, 2010

Monday, Nov 15th 2010

Oi Família!

You guys remember how I was saying that it is getting all hot and stuff here in Brazil? Yeah, we had one really hot day this week and the rest was pretty chilly. I don´t think São Paulo can make up its mind. But this week was amazing! We baptized another awesome person this Sunday, too! Her name is Madalena (my first woman baptism) and she is 56 year old woman who walked herself into the Church one day and fell in love with the Gospel. She started reading the Book of Mormon everyday the first day we left it with her. She was smoking and had already tried to quit but couldn´t, but we left her with a challenge last week that she would be able to quit this week, and she did! We almost ran into a snag with her this week however. It was Monday night and we were following up with her about her smoking problem and she had said that she was going well but she didn´t want to be baptized just yet. She was really nervous and I could tell she didn´t want to fall away and start smoking again. I looked at her and told her that she was probably one of the most faithful investigators I have ever had. She realized the blessings that come from baptism and she re-accepted her baptismal date. This Sunday she asked me something that really touched my heart. She asked, "You two can still come visit me even after I´m baptized, right?" I started to smile and laugh and told her that I will never quit visiting her, "you´re still my friend and my sister now." I don´t know if have ever been so emotional with any of my baptisms. I could just feel the joy that Madalena had when she was baptized and now she is just longing for all of her kids to be baptized too. I absolutely love the Gospel and what it does for people. This Church is true.

Elder Roblyer and I exlpored our area this week as well. We received a few references that we wanted to contact and they all lived in areas that I have never been to, so it was quite an adventure haha I will tell you that I can navigate myself successfully around a Brazilian map! I dare everyone to try to do this when half of the roads don´t even exist on the map. So now I have absolutely no excuse for getting lost in the US again.

Sorry today is so short, but I will try to utilize my time better next week! Have a great week everyone! I love you all with all my heart and I can´t wait to call you all and finally share a majority of my experiences with you!

Elder Clark

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