Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Monday, November 22nd 2010

Oí Família!!!

This week was a pretty good one. We met a few families that have a lot of potential of getting to know the true Gospel of Christ this week and I am really excited to teach them! The first family is one with a really young mom and three boys. These boys are so cool because they are not anything like the other boys here in Brazil. They actually really get along and don´t fight with each other. They were all looking for a Church to really start to follow and we were lucky enough to find them in this time of their lives (but I don´t think it was luck that we found them). The other family is a single mom with her 5 year old boy. Her name is Ilma and she has been going through a lot of problems with the father of her son and she just wants to know what Christ wants her to do. Elder Roblyer and I taught one of the best lessons about the Book of Mormon that I have ever been apart of since I´ve been here on the mission. We were feeling the Spirit so strongly and even Elder Roblyer and Ilma were crying because of the power that was in the room. It was so amazing and I really have a lot of hope that these families will take hold of this Gospel and run with it!

So a little bit on the funny side for this week. Every day we walk on the street and the little kids think that we are German, so they always yell at us, "hey! German! Speak English!" yeah, it doesn´t make a whole lot of sense, but they are kids, so what can you do? So we stop and talk with them and tell them that we´re not German, but we are from the USA and they get all wide-eyed and interested in the things that we have there. Then they all try talking in English, or at least the basics that they all learn here in school, like "what is my name?" and we always answer, "good question, I don´t know your name." We also try to teach a Gospel principle to them while we are with them. For example, yesterday I taught them all about the Law of Chasity and how we should all treat women as if they were our own mothers. So they stopped their dirty jokes about the women on the street... for about a half an hour at least. It´s hard to help them understand when they´ve been doing it for so long, but who knows, maybe one of those young boys thought that it was pretty important and he will apply this to his life. If so, I know that I have done my job.

I love this work and I love everyone who is helping me be out here! Thank you so much everyone! Have a Happy Thanksgiving! Eat a lot of Turkey for me because I won´t be eating any this year lol!

Elder Clark

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